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Sweeney’s Booknotes—Always in God’s Hands: Day by Day in the Company of Jonathan Edwards

Owen Strachan, Always in God’s Hands: Day by Day in the Company of Jonathan Edwards (Carol Stream, IL: Tyndale Momentum, 2018).

Strachan_AlwaysInGodsHandsUnder normal circumstances, we do not post booknotes on devotional material. But in this case, the material comes largely from Edwards (in conjunction with the Bible). So we thought that our readers might want to hear about it, whether or not they share Edwards’ faith or keep daily devotions.

For every day of the year, Strachan offers here a single-page, spiritual reflection based on a passage from Edwards and appended with some Scripture (most often a single verse tied to that day’s theme).

This is not a scholarly resource. It is aimed at those for whom Edwards is a “home boy,” and who might wear the t-shirt. Put more seriously, it is aimed at Reformed evangelicals who use church history for spiritual edification.

Christmas present anyone?

Just Released: The Essential Edwards Collection

The staff of the JEC at TEDS has just released a five-volume series entitled The Essential Edwards Collection (Moody, February 2010).

Coauthored by Owen Strachan and Doug Sweeney, this brand-new series distills the essential thought of America’s greatest pastor-theologian.  It is written to be of help to all kinds of people–those who know little about Edwards and haven’t had time to read him, those familiar with Edwards who could benefit from short resource guides offering important quotations and critical but deeply appreciative analysis, and those who love Edwards and want to work through the searching material he authored.

The books are short (160 pages), readable, and include application sections. The following is the list of books:

Jonathan Edwards, Lover of God
Jonathan Edwards on Beauty
Jonathan Edwards on the Good Life
Jonathan Edwards on True Christianity
Jonathan Edwards on Heaven and Hell

The Essential Edwards Collection is not an anthology of Edwards’s writings, but a guide to his thought.  It includes the most important passages from his corpus along with commentary designed to illumine them and application intended to fire the heart and mind of the reader.

In the end, however, Strachan and Sweeney intend for this collection to not simply help people learn about America’s great theologian, but to enlarge the modern church’s understanding of God and the life of joy and excitement He offers us through His Son.


Select Endorsements

“an excellent glimpse into a life lived unto God” Thabiti Anyabwile

“the kernel of much of Edwards’s thought in eminently accessible form” D. A. Carson

a “splendid library of volumes” David Dockery

“a fantastic introduction to the heart, mind, and ministry of the greatest theologian America has ever produced” Mark Driscoll

“I’ve read no better introduction to Jonathan Edwards” C. J. Mahaney

“five excellent and accessible introductions”…”a great achievement and a tremendous resource” Al Mohler

“Pure gold” Josh Moody

“This winsome and accessible introduction is now the first thing I’d recommend for those who want to know more about America’s greatest pastor-theologian” Justin Taylor

“a wide-ranging and representative sample of his work published in an attractive, accessible and, most important of all, readable form” Carl Trueman