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The Jonathan Edwards Award

Supporters of the Jonathan Edwards Center at TEDS will be interested in the recent initiative from the Analytic Theology Project. As their website indicates, this project “is a multinational four-year endeavor that funds initiatives aimed at encouraging fruitful scholarly conversation among analytic philosophers and theologians.”

Students of Jonathan Edwards will therefore be excited to know about the Jonathan Edwards Award.

From their website: Eligible scholars should submit an application detailing the topic they intend to write on, the product they intend to produce, and a list of popular outlets through which the product might be disseminated. It is anticipated that the typical product will be a written essay suitable for publication in a popular website or print periodical. Such essays must be at least 750 words in length and must be published in a popular, non-academic publication with a circulation of at least 12,000. Publications can be religious in orientation (e.g., Christianity Today, First Things, Christian Century) or secular (e.g., Harper’s, Times Literary Supplement, The National Review). Selected online publications will also be considered (e.g. Other modes of dissemination will be considered as well.

Stipend amounts are $3,000, half of which is provided upon the award being conferred. The second half is provided upon receipt of evidence that the essay has been accepted for publication in a suitable venue. Ten such awards will be offered each year for three years.

For more information on this exciting opportunity, please visit here.

If you are not familiar with the concept of “analytic theology,” see the Introduction to Oliver Crisp and Michael Rea, eds., Analytic Theology: New Essays in the Philosophy of Theology (Oxford University Press, 2009), available online here.