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Mark Noll on Jonathan Edwards’ Use of the Bible (TEDS chapel, Nov 9)

Mark Noll is the Francis A. McAnaney Professor of History at the University of Notre Dame. He will be at TEDS on Nov 9, 1pm, lecturing on: “Jonathan Edwards’ Use of the Bible:  A Case Study with Comparisons.”

This lecture will be in the ATO chapel and is hosted by the Jonathan Edwards Center as part of the New Directions in Edwards Studies.

A brief synopsis of his lecture: This paper takes advantage of the splendid “Works of Jonathan Edwards,” including the recent volume for Edwards’ interleaved Bible, to look more closely at how Edwards interpreted specific passages of Scripture.  One of the great contributions of recent Edwards scholarship has been to document how much he was a student of Scripture as well as a painstaking theologian, conscientious pastor, and discerning promoter of revival.  By comparing one or two of Edwards’ specific biblical interpretations with interpretations offered by near contemporaries like Matthew Henry, Philip Doddridge, or John Wesley, it should be possible to say more about where Edwards’ approach to Scripture was distinctive and where it reflected the wider perspectives of his age.