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Journal Issue #4 Fall 2018

Enjoy this year’s issue of Edwardseana. The fourth edition features the Book of the Year, The Jonathan Edwards Encyclopedia, a feature article about the new Jonathan Edwards Center, and more. Learn more in this fourth installment.

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Invitation: Contribute to the Jonathan Edwards Encyclopedia

[A note from Yale]

In December 2012 the Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale University announced that, in partnership with William Eerdmans Publishing Company, it will be producing A Jonathan Edwards Encyclopedia. The volume, to be published in print and online, will be comprised of some 450 entries, or 300,000 words.

Over 75 scholars, PhD and ThM students from around the world have signed up to contribute to this unprecedented reference source for the growing audience of Edwards around the world. The JEC’s staff greatly anticipates working with contributors and presenting to readers what is sure to be a useful collection.

To expedite this project, the JEC has created a portal on its website, A New Encyclopedia [], to solicit signing up for entries.  We cordially invite you and your students to write one or more listed but not assigned yet entries.

The entry should be written with an eye to Edwards’ particular view of the topic, or how the event or theme played a part in his life. Please do not use footnotes, but provide a selected bibliography of up to three sources at the end of the article.

Entries are due by June 15, 2014. We look forward to your response before May 1, 2013 (

With thanks,

Harry S. Stout, General Editor, A Jonathan Edwards Encyclopedia, Chair and
Jonathan Edwards professor of American Religious History department Yale

For correspondence: Kenneth P. Minkema and Adriaan C. Neele, Associate
Editors (