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JESociety 2010 Conference, Oct 1-3

The Jonathan Edwards Society conference was mentioned earlier on this blog. The updated program schedule is now available at‑2010‑conference‑program/.

The conference, on the theme of “Jonathan Edwards for the New Millennium,” is sponsored jointly by the Jonathan Edwards Society and the Edwin Mellen Press, to take place in Northampton, Massachusetts on October 1-3, 2010. Featured speakers include Gerald McDermott and Michael McClymond, who will discuss their current joint work, a 46-chapter comprehensive study of Jonathan Edwards’s theology, soon to be published by Oxford University Press. Avihu Zakai will also present a lecture on Jonathan Edwards’s philosophy of nature which coincides with his latest book published this summer. Other speakers include Kenneth Minkema, Herbert Richardson, Oliver Crisp, Robert King and many others.

For more details on this exciting conference, see the full program.