Media Available: Mark Rogers on Edward Dorr Griffin and the Second Great Awakening

Based on his recently completed dissertation, Mark Rogers introduced an often forgotten leader in the Second Great Awakening, Edward Dorr Griffin (1770-1837). Griffin was an Edwardsian pastor, professor, evangelist, theologian, and college president who led multiple revivals between 1792 and 1835. Rogers demonstrated how Griffin and his revivals were shaped by the writings and revival legacy of Jonathan Edwards. He made three main arguments. First, Rogers showed that Griffin and his associates sought revival using specific means that they had learned from Jonathan Edwards’ writings and example. Second, he explained how Griffin’s revivals were in fact Calvinist revivals, marked by the preaching of New Divinity Calvinism, and often resulting in conversions to Calvinist doctrine. Third, he showed the manner in which these revivals looked very similar to those in the First Great Awakening, as Griffin’s reporting of revival followed Edwardsian form. This lecture challenged the popular view that the Second Great Awakening was entirely a departure from Edwards’ First Great Awakening. A close look at Griffin’s important ministry demonstrates important continuity between the First and Second Awakenings.

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