Media Available: David Barshinger on Jonathan Edwards and the Psalms

David Barshinger is a PhD Candidate in the Theological Studies Program at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS) and the Senior Fellow and Book Review Editor for the Jonathan Edwards Center at TEDS.

He gave the final lecture in the 2010–2011 academic year for the “New Directions in Edwards Studies” series. In the lecture he demonstrated the significance of the Psalms in Edwards’ life, biblical interpretation, worship, and preaching, and he outlined seven theological themes that Edwards developed in his engagement with the book of Psalms: God’s glory, human depravity, Christ’s broad work from servant to king, the heralding of the gospel by the Spirit, the church, the call to vital piety, and the eschatological judgment and hope. Barshinger argued against labeling Edwards’ exegesis of the Psalms as merely “Christological,” claiming that such a description is too narrow for the variety of ways in which he engaged the Psalter. Instead, he suggested that in practice it was “redemptive-historical, grounded in the Trinity’s work of redemption and accented with the preaching of the gospel.” The lecture was followed by an engaging discussion about Edwards’ contribution to the church’s engagement with the book of Psalms.

Lecture (with Q&A): Barshinger on Edwards and the Psalms