Douglas A. Sweeney, Director


Douglas A. Sweeney is Professor of Church History and the History of Christian Thought and Director of the Jonathan Edwards Center at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

Sweeney received the Doctor of Philosophy and the Master of Arts in Religion from Vanderbilt University, the Master of Arts in the History of Christian Thought from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and the Bachelor of Arts in History from Wheaton College.

He has written numerous books and articles about religious history and Jonathan Edwards. He is the coeditor of The Sermons of Jonathan Edwards: A Reader (Yale University Press); the author of Nathaniel Taylor, New Haven Theology, and the Legacy of Jonathan Edwards (Oxford University Press); the editor of Jonathan Edwards’s “Miscellanies” Nos. 1153-1360, The Works of Jonathan Edwards, vol. 23 (Yale University Press); the co-editor of Jonathan Edwards at Home and Abroad: Historical Memories, Cultural Movements, Global Horizons (University of South Carolina Press); the author of The American Evangelical Story: A History of the Movement (Baker Academic); the co-editor of The New England Theology: From Jonathan Edwards to Edwards Amasa Park (Baker Academic); the author of Jonathan Edwards and the Ministry of the Word (InterVarsity Press); and the co-editor of After Jonathan Edwards: Appropriations of the New England Theology (Oxford University Press, forthcoming). |