Board & Fellows

Regional Board of Visitors

The Jonathan Edwards Center at Trinity is overseen by a board of leading scholars in the Midwest region.

Catherine A. Brekus, Harvard University
Candy Gunther Brown, Indiana University
Patrick W. Carey, Marquette University
Charles L. Cohen, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Timothy Larsen, Wheaton College
George M. Marsden, University of Notre Dame (Emeritus)
Michael J. McClymond, St. Louis University
Josh Moody, College Church, Wheaton, IL
Richard A. Muller, Calvin Theological Seminary
Mark A. Noll, University of Notre Dame
Kurt W. Peterson, Loyola University, Chicago
Peter J. Thuesen, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
Rachel Wheeler, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis


Joey Cochran, Senior Fellow & Book Review Editor

Joey is a PhD student in the Church History program at TEDS with a primary interest in studying Jonathan Edwards’ Christology.

Joey has written numerous articles and book reviews at the popular level and at a myriad of digital platforms. While also very interested in serving the Academy, Joey sees his primary function as pastoral; thus he serves on the pastoral team at Calvary Memorial Church in Oak Park as the Pastor of Middle School Discipleship and Communication. Joey is married to Kendall, and they have three children.

Dongsoo Han

Dongsoo Han did his M.Div. at Chongshin Theological Seminary in Korea after earning a degree of BLL at Younsei University in Seoul. He was ordained by Korean Presbyterian Church. He completed a Th. M. at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, focusing on New Testament, and also completed the course work of M.A.R. there, concentrating on American Church History. He is now a PhD (HT) student at TEDS working on twentieth century Pentecostalism with a special focus on the Pentecostal impact on the Korean Presbyterian church. He is the Korean translator of George Marsden’s Jonathan Edwards: A Life which was translated and published in 2006 in Korea. He is also working on a project to present Edwards’ theology in a Korean context by working with a Korean publisher that is publishing translated versions of Yale’s Works of Jonathan Edwards. He has a wife, two daughters and a son.

Heejoon Jeon

Heejoon Jeon completed Th.M. at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, after having a B.A from Sogang University and an M.div in Hapdong Theological Seminary in Korea. As a person who has several years of marketplace working experience, he is interested in making a close connection between theology and the common life of Christians within today’s society. He is now pursuing a PhD in Historical Theology working on Jonathan Edwards’s understanding of sanctification. He believes that Edwards’s theology of sanctification based on affections is a crucial remedy against both legalism and antinomianism. He enjoys spending time with his wife Eunju.

Gilson Ryu

Gilsun Ryu did Th.M at Calvin Theological Seminary, after earning a B.A from Chungbuk National University and a M.Div in Chongshin Theological Seminary in Korea. He was ordained by Korean Presbyterian Church. He is a PhD (HT) student at TEDS concentrating on Edwards’ federal theology in exegetical perspective. He argues that the federal theology in the view of Jonathan Edwards is not antithetical to Edwards’ biblical exegesis, nor to the Christian life, emphasizing the practical significance of the federal theology in interpreting the Bible. He has a wife Eunseul and two children Hoyun and Eunsu.

Nathan Thebarge

Nathan Thebarge is a PhD student in Church History at TEDS. He received a B.A. from Moody Bible Institute in Systematic Theology and a M.Div. from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. His main area of interest is in American Puritanism and the doctrine of vocation. He is a member of the Conference on Faith and History and an ordained pastor in the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference. Before coming to TEDS Nathan ministered in local churches in New England and Illinois. His goal is that his studies will enrich his own service and the life of the church. Nathan enjoys spending time with his wife and three young children, reading, being involved in a local church, and cheering on his beloved Boston Red Sox.