• 10/16/2013 | Listen | Speaker: Adriaan Neele | The examination of the Morija Archives at Lesotho, and in particular primary source material of the Société des missio...   

  • 10/16/2013 | Listen | Speaker: Dolf Britz | It is common knowledge that the incorporation of the Cape of Good Hope into the expanding British Empire at the beginnin...   

  • 9/25/2013 | Listen | Speaker: Paul Helm | In ‘Jonathan Edwards and the Absence of Free Choice: A Parting of Ways in the Reformed Tradition’ (Jonathan Edwards...   

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  • The Jonathan Edwards Center is a ministry of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Located on the campus of TEDS (Deerfield, Illinois), it exists to promote and serve the conversation unfolding on Edwards, America’s preeminent pastor, theologian, and philosopher. It has a special concern to support scholarly work on Edwards and his international influence, but will also play a role in making Edwards more accessible to pastors and church people.

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Light and Heat

  • If heaven be such a blessed world, then let this be our chosen country, and the inheritance we seek. Let us turn our course this way. It is not impossible that this glorious world may be obtained by us. It is offered to us. Though it be so excellent and blessed a country, yet God stands ready to give us an inheritance there, if this be the country we choose, and upon which we set our hearts, and spend our time chiefly in seeking it.

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